Process Improvement

Cherye Morgan LLC and team have over thirty years of experience in helping organizations improve their performance. Studying under Dr. W. Edwards Deming from 1988 – 1993 and presenting healthcare applications with him at Deming conferences across the country, Cherye Morgan acquired a deep level of knowledge in these areas for all industries.

Acquiring knowledge is essential for improvement activities, whether it is a simple problem to solve, a work process to improve, a design or redesign of a product or service, or an improvement to a complex system. When one considers what type of knowledge will allow us to develop, test and implement changes that result in improvement, the most obvious answer is subject matter knowledge acquired through formal and informal learning, and reinforced experiences.

Subject matter knowledge is vital for developing changes that result in improvement. However, there is another kind of knowledge useful for developing effective change. W. Edwards Deming proposed a body of knowledge called a “System of Profound Knowledge”. He defined the System of Profound Knowledge as the interplay of the theories of systems, variation, knowledge, and psychology. The ability to make improvements is enhanced by combining subject matter knowledge and profound knowledge in creative ways.