Much like people, hospitals have a “business side” and a “personal side.” It is the “personal side” that the patients see when they come into the hospital to be cared for; and that is as it should be. This personal side, represented by the personality of the hospital that you experience as a patient, evolves from the hospital’s mission – the commitment to the medical responsibility it has undertaken – and from the attitudes of its employees, administration and medical staff.

Behind the scenes, executives of hospitals and health systems are under constant pressure to reduce costs while also improving quality and maintaining a strong workforce. With this comes an array of financial challenges, as reimbursement levels continue to change and healthcare becomes more consumer-centric.

The bottom line is that leadership cannot expect to create a positive culture that ensures the personal side dedicated to mission without having its business and clinical operations effectively aligned to deliver predictable and high-quality care. Delivering on the mission requires strong leadership, effective strategy and successful execution of operations. To nurture and care for patients, today’s healthcare organizations need to have the business side aligned, stable and productive so that the employees can focus personally on the care for their patients and families in a clinically safe, high quality, effective, efficient and reliable environment.

This is where the mission of your organization should align with the mission of Cherye Morgan LLC.

Ours is: Improve leadership and organizational effectiveness for organizations seeking to ethically improve healthcare and health in the U.S.

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