Interim C-Suite and Departmental Leadership

For healthcare organizations with a C-Suite executive vacancy, finding experienced leadership quickly is critical. It is also one of the most critical challenges for leaving organizations at risk.

When organizations are seeking to fill a key leadership role within their organization on an interim basis while they look for a permanent professional, they are most often looking for a different breed of leader with a highly specialized talent.  Traditional leaders take a holistic long-term view of an organization’s evolution towards fulfilling a stated mission. They concentrate on creating a trajectory of sustainability and success that assures an organization is evolving with the community it serves. Interim leaders have a shorter-term scope of issues, and thus act accordingly, though they typically serve the same cause and work towards similar goals.

C-Suite Interim Leadership from Cherye Morgan LLC enables organizations to maintain strategic momentum on key initiatives by receiving engagement-ready interim C-Suite executives. Additionally, we provide interim leadership for VP and Director’s of Care Management, VP Strategic Planning, Directors of Operations, Quality Improvement and Value Based Services.